About Us

All the crafts and statues at Thisara Art Center have been created by Presidential award winning sculptuor, Mr. Wimal Premachandra himself. Strict quality controls are adhered to on artifacts, especially in the case of statues of Lord Buddha. In addition to that, we take great care in assuring exact measurement and particular posture in our creations. In case you are not satisfied with any of our creations, a replacement or rectification will be done promptly. These unmatched commitments have made Thisara Art Centre the pioneers in Sri Lanka in this field.

Mr. Wimal Premachandra

It was Buddhism that influenced the development of art and craft in Sri Lanka. This dominance can be seen in every sphere of art in this country. Buddhists have also venerated the statue of the Lord Buddha as the living Buddha from time immemorial. Our sculptors, having realized this fact, have made the statues in a way that they depict meticulously the inner peace, tranquillity and immeasurable virtuousness of the Enlightened One, the Lord Buddha.  As a matter of fact these creations involve exceptional amount of patience, concentration and endurance , which our artists have attained through meditation, a way of practicing Lord Buddha’s teaching.

It is truly amazing how our sculptures turn a block of stone or wood to a masterpiece. The secret of this virtuosity lies in their learning of Buddhist scriptures and practicing meditation. In this respect, it is right to say that our artist possesses innate skills, erudition in art and craft and the discipline gained through learning of Buddhist philosophy.

A true artist never measures profit in terms of monetary value. Profit to him or her is the enjoyment of the pleasure of artistic creation.