Chairman Message

Thisara Art Centre has a history of more than twenty-five years as the leading practitioner of the sculptor’s art.

The founder of our organization, Mr. Wimal Premachandra is considered the foremost exponent of this art in recent times.Buddha statues created in accordance with ancient tradition have won the respect and admiration of Buddhists in
Sri Lanka and abroad due to the fact that our artists have learnt the art at the feet of great teachers and also due to the unique talents they have brought to their creative work and the devotion they have shown for long periods of time.

Our founder passed away recently leaving a generation of pupils who are devoted and committed to preserving his unique art form for the future.

The reawakening of Buddhist religious observances and other Dhamma activities in the recent past has generated an immense interest in our organiasation among the people.We consider it our privilege to create Buddha statues in accordance with the highest standards capable of kindling religious sentiments of the highest order for a long time to come.

Swarna Neelawala
Chairman / Managing Director